The tasks of integration concern:

  1. General specifications of ASTEC-Na code,
  2. Elaboration of an adequate validation matrix, based on either past available experiments or on ongoing new experiments, and accounting for the access rights to the experimental data in relation with the property and confidentiality rights,
  3. Verification of the correct integration of models in the code (the validation, i.e. the analysis of the physical relevance of the code results, is performed in the WP2, either on separate-effect tests or on integral tests),
  4. Interfacing with the fuel irradiation codes for the fuel state at time zero (postulated beginning of the transient), and with SIMMER for the transition phase.
  5. Analysis of the possible further extension of ASTEC development: beyond the SFR initiation phase, for account of new SFR fuel types and finally for the accidents in the LFR case.