The task concerns the development, validation and benchmarking of code models (roughly years 2013-15), after elaboration in 2012-13 of detailed model specifications for each topic below:

  1. Sodium thermal-hydraulics (single/two-phase, core, circuits, natural convection),
  2. Thermomechanics fuel-clad, movement of materials (solid, molten) and pin behaviour after rupture (fuel ejection, fuel-coolant interaction, relocation/freezing, impact of fission gases),
  3. Source term, i.e. release of fission products (volatile and non-volatile) from molten fuel in the core; transport mechanisms (involving both short term and long term phenomena) of sodium aerosols and fission products first in the cover gas space and then into the reactor containment building,
  4. Neutronic effects (Na void effect, impact of fuel expansion/movement…).